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What We Do

Indian Diaspora Club is a community of PIOs to make it comfortable for the Indian diaspora to visit your motherland and connect with the right people for the right jobs. The community aims to connect the country with its countrymen spread all across the globe.

People of Indian origin have been contributing to a large section of society, we hope that your abled guidance can help the nation to grow in a much more effective manner. Indian diaspora is looked up to with great respect due to the Indian values that people of Indian origin possess.

We have been supporting the India diaspora to help them address their personal and professional requirements that includes HNIs across the globe. Here’s the wide range of services we offer for our PIO clientele:

1. To promote diaspora related event, consultancy activity, seminars, workshop, film, documentary, press meets, road shows, literacy cultural, artistic, commercial, business, financial and other similar activities through website and other any mode within India and abroad.

2. To bridge the gap through various activities between host/adopted countries of Indian diaspora and their ancestral country India.

3. To promote the diaspora of other countries through website and any other activities, events and business venture within India and abroad.

4. To carry on the business of Media Planning, Consultancy, Public Relation advertising or publicity work, assignment as agents, sub-agents, contractors and for that purpose to purchase and sell advertising time or space on any Radio station or Television Center, Webcasting mode, social media within India or abroad or any other kind of media currently in vogue or which may be in vogue at any time, including newspaper, souvenirs, hoardings, neon signs and other display devices of all kinds and descriptions or to organize trade fairs, exhibitions, road shows literacy / Films / Documentary / Musical / Artistic /Seminar/ Workshops/Painting /Diasporic/ Civilizational / Cross- Culture festivals / Publication or similar kind of activities to promote the sale or any other interest of its clients and for developing sense of oneness for Diaspora world on one platform for ethnic, regional, national, inter-cultural and global purpose.

5. To carry on the business as consultant, manufacturers, producers, processors, importers, exporters, traders, buyers, sellers, retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, indenters, packers, movers, stockiest, agents, sub-agents, merchants, distributors, consignors, jobbers, brokers, concessionaires, ecommerce or otherwise deal in all kinds of equipment, plant or material required for the purpose of carrying on the business of advertising or publicity agents.

6. To carry on the business of media, advertising contractors, sub-contractors, agents, designers, advertising, publicity and marketing specialist with in India and abroad.

7. To acts as media, advertising, study related, public relation, tourism and event management consultants.

8. To carry on the business of advertising contractors and agents and any other business which may be usefully carried on in connection with such business and to acquire and undertake the whole or any part of the business, property and liabilities of any person, firm or company carrying on business as such contractors or agents or any other business which may be usefully carried on in connection there with and to carry on the business of manufacture, buy, sell, design, supply, repair, alter and exchange, let on hire, import and export of all kinds of apparatus, appliances, plants and materials employed by advertising contractors in their business.

9. To establish Diaspora Museums or Exhibitions or library or Media centre or software hub to create awareness among diasporic communities of the world.

10. To organise and promote tour packages or national and international tourists and visitors within India and abroad.

11. To prepare reports, studies and surveys for various governmental and non-governmental sector within India and abroad.

12. To give Diaspora related inputs of the website on commercial terms to any willing client and do web promotions through advertisement.