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Namami Ganga Publication | Indian Diaspora Club
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Namami Ganga Publication

Namami Ganga

Ganga is not only the river , but it is the symbol of Indian culture and heritage. Ganga is the river which link various cultural groups in one thread , nearly 40 percent of Indian population lives in Ganga zone , Ganga is the cradle of many old civilization and large section of Indian population is depended on Ganga for their survivals. In recent years because of large scale unplanned urbanization and industrialization ganga get polluted up to large extent , up to some estimates nearly 500 million liter untreated sewerage polluted the Ganga water. This increasing level of pollution not only hurt the sentiments of millions of Indians, who treated Ganga as mother, but it also affected the ecological balance in large section of Indian subcontinent and affected the livelihood of millions of Indians who are dependent on Ganga for their survivals. It also affected the very existence of various creatures like Ganga dolphin. Various governments in past try to resolve this issue , one of the most ambitious among them were Ganga action plan , launch by Rajeev Gandhi in 80’s but because of wide spread corruption and mismanagement these projects fails to achieve their target . The current government headed by Narendra Modi in their poll manifesto declares that cleaning of Ganga is one of the major goal of their party. After winning the election Modi government took various steps like they created a sprate ministry name central water resource, river development and Ganga conservation, under minister ship of Uma Bharti. Uma Bharti is well known for his views about government, even before becoming minister she work hard for the conservation of Ganga. Her ministry within few months of forming the government t draws the outline of “Namami Ganga” project whose main aim is to clean Ganga and to ensure the proper sewer system in nearly 100 cities and nearly 1600 villages on the bank of river Ganga, to ensure mixing of untreated sewer affluent in Ganga water. They also took various steps to ensure the online monitoring of various sources of industrial pollution sources. This ambitions project is going to costs nearly Rs. 53,000 Crore , and government allocated nearly 2037 crore in union budget for year 2014-15 for initial planning and projects. This ambitious projects main target is to ensure proper sewer systems in villages and cities lies on the bank of river Ganga , which is the major source of population in Ganga. Beside laying proper sewer system in cities and villages, this project also aimed to promote tourism and conservation of various heritage sites, conservation of river Ghats, and utilization of Ganga for the transportation. Hopefully this project would succeed in achieving its targets, so it might able to produce targeted goals. As conservation of river gangs will not help in maintaining ecological balance but , it will also helps to maintains the devotion of millions of Indians across the world for whom Ganga is not only a river, but also mother.

Best Practices in the World

Thames River

Thames River is the lifeline of whole London; it is the major source of water for London. Thames has very unique feature that though one of the world biggest city London situated on the band of river Thames, but still Thames is one of the most clean river system. But situation was not the same as today in 18th and 19th century due to unplanned town planning and dumping of untreated sewer in Thames river resulted high level of population in Thames, which gave birth to great stink in London city during 1858 and later outbreak of cholera. It created serious concerns regarding the level of pollution in river Thames in mind of London city authorities. They in year 1860 introduces a master plan for construction of sewer system ,whose main aim is to create a system which runs in parallel to river Thames and prevented mixing of untreated sewer in river Thames and to transport that sewer to treatment plants situated outside London. This system was designed by legendry engineer Joseph Bazalgette. Beside this sewer system they impose strict laws to prevent mixture of any pollutant in rivers Thames. This system of effective sewer system and strict preventive laws, helps to remain Thames clean.


Singapore is a small city state of East Asia, Singapore achieves high level of economic prosperity and act as a major port. Though the population of Singapore is quite huge but because of its relatively small size, it fails to fulfill its demand of water from their local sources, which forces the Singapore government to buy water from neighboring Singapore. In recent years various issues, like over prize of water forces to Singapore government to develop new local sources. Singaporean authorities adopted various steps to increase supply of water from local sources, they adopted various methods like desalinization of seawater. The most famous and widely recognize attempt of Singaporean authorities, is to use the reclaimed water {the use of purified sewer water}, for this purpose they established highly modern water treatment plants using highly sophisticated water purifying technology. The total capacity of these plants are nearly 20 million gallons per day, they even introduce the guided tours for tourists in one of the filter plants and tourist were provided with free sample bottle of water under brand name NEWATER.