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INDIAN ARRIVAL DAY | Indian Diaspora Club
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An Indian migrant community around the world celebrates the arrival of their forefathers from India with great enthusiasm, especially in the Latin-American countries, the Caribbean region and Mauritius. They look upon this day with great importance for remembering the legacy of theirforefathers and the hardship they faced in their respective new lands and still survived. Thesememorial days are celebrated at a great level in nations ofSurinam, Guyana, Trinidad, Tobago andMauritius.

Guyana – May 5th

Guyana celebrates the Indian arrival day on 5thmay every year. Around,44% of Guyana population is of Indian origin. It signifies the celebration of the arrival of the first batch of indenturedlabourers in Guyana (then known as Demerara) in year 1838. They left Calcutta in India on a ship named the Hesperus on 29thJanuary 1838, with 165 passengers on board, but 13 pupils died as a result of harsh environmental conditions on the ship during journey. The Government of Guyana celebrates it as a national holiday.

Suriname – 5th June

Surinam celebrates the Indian arrival day on 5thJune commemorating the arrival of Indians to Surinam in year 1873. They came here as indentured labourers mainly involved as plantation workers. Nearly, 34,000 Indians came to Surinam as the indentured laborers and became an important part of Surinamese society. The major event of this day is thelaying the wreath on the memorial of Baba and Mai representing the first Indian man and woman who landed in Surinam.

Jamaica – 12th May

Indian community in Jamaica started celebratingIndian arrival day very recently. The main emphasis was given to the promotion ofIndian culture and identity among the people of Indian origins in Jamaica. They day is celebrated on 12thof May to celebrate the arrival of the first Indians on the island in year 1845. They landed at the old harbor bay at St. Catherine.


Mauritius nearly has 60 %of population of Indianancestrythat celebrates the Indian arrival day on 2nd November.Mauritiuswitnesses the entry of Indianindenturedlabourers to work as sugarcane plantationworkers. The coming of such immigrants was at its peakduring 1849 to 1893 and overall nearly half million indentured workers arrives in Mauritius. Indian arrival day is very important part for the Mauritian culture wherein both the people and the government celebrates it on a large scale remembering the struggles faced by theirancestors in their initial days. ApravasiGhat remains at the center of celebration as it signifies struggle, sacrifices and ultimately the achievement of Indians in Mauritius.

Trinidad -30th May

Trinidad celebrates the Indian arrival day on 30th May to celebrate the arrival of Indiansin the year 1845. They left Calcutta on the ship named FtelRazuck on 16th February1945 and reached Port of Spain harbor on 1845. During this journey they covered nearly 36,000 km of furious sea. At last, 227 men landed in Trinidad to work as indenturedlabourers’ in various sugarcane plantations. Government of Trinidad celebrated the 150th year of their arrival at large scale in 1995 and started celebrated Indian arrival day on regular basis since 1996.