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Diaspora Author

Diaspora studies have always been the area of immense interest of scholars worldwide. List below are the famous author’s who have contributed academically to the study of Diaspora worldwide. Indian Diaspora Club would like to congratulate them and acknowledge their hard work and dedication.

• Global Indian Diaspora edited by GijsbertOonk

• The Indian Diaspora: Dynamics of Migration edited by N.jayaram

• Indian Writers: Transnationalism and Diaspora edited by Jaspal Kaur Singh and RajendraChetty

• Voices of Indian Diaspora by AnadMullo

• The Encyclopedia of the Indian Diaspora by Brij.V.Lal, Peter Reeves &Rajesh Pai

• Diaspora: An Introduction by Janu Evans Braziel

• Diaspora, Memory and Identity edited by Vijay Agneue

• Diaspora and Transnationalism by RanerBaubock and Thomas Faest

• The African Diaspora: African Origins and New world Identities edited by Isidore O Kewho, Carole LoyceDaies , Ali al Amin Mazrui

• Theorizing Diaspora: A Reader by Janu Evans Braziel& Anita Mannur

• A African Diaspora: A History Through Culture by Patrick Manning

• The Media of Diaspora edited by Karim Haider Ali Karim