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About Us

Indian Diaspora is diversified and heterogenous with effective global presence.This constitutes to be the second largest in the world. Their number is over 25 million spanning across 200 countries. Their increasing number and unique contributions in the host countries are giving them respect and recognition. Our aim is to form and foster a sense of oneness among Indian Diaspora and their vibrant connectivity to their ancestral motherland . The objective of www.indiandiasporaclub.com is to showcase and create:
(i) information ,dialogue and discussion on concerns and issues of all diasporic community in different parts of this borderless world connected by the web.
(ii) a platform to celebrate the festivities of Indian culture and other cultures of different countries.
(iii) a link to develop symbiotic relationship between Indian Diaspora and their ancestral land .
(iv) to highlight strength of the Indian Diaspora and their relevance to India .
(v) a updated information on diaspora related events within India and elsewhere in the world.
(vi) academic discussion on diaspora related subjects through seminar , workshop,exhibitions, festivals and events .
(vii) diverse initiatives and activities that include promotion of tourism, hospitality, cuisines, trades, famous personalities, ancestral linkages, languages, films,documentaries , dance forms , traditional cultures and civilizational heritages of the homeland and hostland of the global diaspora.
(viiii) a site to voice the concerns of Youth Diaspora around the world and developing exchange of ideas for convergent and inclusive development.
For us sense of fulfilment is above achievement.